Local November 16, 2016 | 7:57 am

Dominican Republic NE takes a beating from downpours

Samana, Dominican Republic.- Landslides block roads, cracks in pavement, aswell as surging groundwater are the result of the downpours of the past few daysin Samaná province (northeast).

On Tuesday debris scattered alongthe Samana-Punta Balandra road blocked traffic, while a major landslide occurrednext to that community, where walls also sustained cracks.

Cracks in the pavement also occurredon the Limon road as Public Works crews repair a bridge that collapsed in that town,which could leave several villages cut off.

Groundwater seeps from the stormdrains in downtown Samana where backedup sewage poses a serious threat to the health of residents, who might consumecontaminated water.

Moraima Ramon, Civil Defenseprovincial director in Samana, said first responders work to mitigate the disaster.

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