Local November 16, 2016 | 8:25 am

Expectation as Senate taps new Electoral Board

Santo Domingo.- Amid demands by civil societyand opposition parties to appoint people with an unquestionable past, theSenate today Wednesday is expected choose the members of the Central ElectoralBoard (JCE), whose president under political consensus will be current SupremeCourt justice Julio Cesar Castaños.

The appointment is expected after acommission of the ruling party’s (PLD) Political Committee met Tuesday todiscuss the process leading to the selection of the JCE’s new members

"It seems that there are sectors thatbelieve that there will be an ideal board, but the ideal board does not exist,that only exists in heads that are not well furnished, and attempt to designatea board with names and surnames without being part of the commission," saidPLD Senate spokesman Rubén Darío Cruz.

Moreover, Azua senator Rafael Calderón saidhe’s confident that the new JCE will be announced Wednesday, "with the mostconvenient candidates for the country’s harmony."

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