Local November 16, 2016 | 11:09 am

Millions in losses as flooded NW puts crops under water

Santiago.- More than 2,500 hectares of cropshave been damaged leading to millions in losses by flooding from the Yaque delNorte river in northwestern Valverde province, where the downpours forced the evacuationof around 400 families from to Esperanza to Guayubín.

The figures will likely climb in the next fewhours as some rivers crest their banks in that area, adding to the water from Taveradam, whose floodgates were opened since early Tuesday, according to CivilDefense deputy regional director Francisco Arias,.

Agriculture Ministry Valverde province regionaldirector Rafael Estévez said the farmlands most affected by the Yaque’s floodingare near the towns Hatillo Palma, Ranchadero, Lagrimosa, El Charco, Piloto,Cana Chapetón, Boca de Mao, Maizal, La Caída, Pueblo Nuevo and Laguna Salada .

He said Agriculture and other government agencieswill assist the farmers affected by the floods, once the results of the damagesare made available.

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