Local November 16, 2016 | 3:16 pm

Prosecutors raid offices in Inversia US$34.0M fraud case

Santo Domingo.- National District prosecutorsearly Wednesday raided the offices of the financial company Inversia, whoseowners face charges of defrauding nearly 300 people out of RD$1.5 billion(US$34.0 million).

Pedro Frías, the prosecutor who led the raidon the company owned by Teodoro Hidalgo, revealed that 11 complaints have beenfiled against him on alleged fraud.

He said as part of the investigation headedby prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reinoso, teams conduct other raids in various placesin the city. "I can’t give you further details because that would affectthe investigation."

Inversia’s offices are located on the 5thfloor of the JYM building on Mañon St., Paraiso sector.

A few days ago Hidalgo’s lawyer said he’s inthe country and willing to turn himself in, despite that there’s no arrest warranthad been issued against him.

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