Local November 18, 2016 | 3:37 pm

Protest against protests in New World’s oldest university

Santo Domingo.- Students, professors andemployees of Santo Domingo Sate University (UASD) on Friday protested to demanda halt to the violent demonstrations in the embattled center of higher learning.

The protesters gathered in the center ofcampus of the oldest university in the New World, where they demanded punishmentfor the organizers of the often violent disturbances.

Law and Political Sciences Faculty dean AntonioMedina said small groups shouldn’t be allowed to put at risk the education ofmore than 200,000 students enrolled this semester.

For his part professor César Amado said theirprotest, which will last all day, seeks to show that most UASD students andauthorities want to make their demands in peace.

The student Angel Beltre said they cannotwithstand the suspension of classes on violent protests any no longer.

After several days of protests and vandalism, the UASDcampus is in total calm since early Friday, while teaching and administrativetasks returned to normal.

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