Local November 19, 2016 | 8:29 am

Relentless rains paint bleak outlook for Dominican north region

Santo Domingo.- The relentless rains continueto paint a bleak outlook over the national territory, with over 21,700 ??peopledisplaced on Saturday and 4,345 homes damaged by flooding and landslides, mostlyin the north region, drenched by more than 770 millimeters of rainfall duringthe last 24 hours.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) reportindicates that as of yesterday Friday another bridge had collapsed cutting off sevenlocalities by floodwaters and swelled rivers that have also damaged roads andhighways.

According to Public Works minister GonzaloCastillo, around 50 road infrastructures have sustained serious damage indifferent parts of the country as a result of the floods, referring, inaddition to the bridges, to sewage systems and road sections.

He estimated the cost to repair damages toinfrastructure and homes at more than RD$5.0 billion.

At a Friday evening press conference at theCOE, Castillo said despite their readiness to start reconstruction, severeweather prevents it. He called on the population to remain calm because they cannotstart the repairs until the rains stop.

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