Local November 21, 2016 | 3:30 pm

At least 40 towns still cut off, but rains subside

Santo Domingo.- At least 40 communities arestill cut off by washed out roads from the several days of downpours expectedto continue over the next few hours, the Emergency Operations Center (COE)reports Monday.

It said the number of people evacuated fellto 8,555 with 568 still in official shelters in the northern and northeasternprovinces of Puerto Plata, Maria Trinidad Sánchez and Espaillat.

The CIE said 1,700 homes were damaged by floodingfrom the rains and another 100 destroyed and, with four roads washed out and 13bridges affected.

Meanwhile the dams an canals agency (INDRHI) saidthe drainage of swelled dams has ended, leaving all the floodgates closed.


The COE maintains 15 provinces under alert asa new frontal system approaches.

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