Local November 21, 2016 | 10:17 am

Road carnage: country improves from 2nd to 15th

Santo Domingo.- A few months ago DominicanRepublic ranked 2nd among countries with the most traffic fatalities, butimproved to 15th today, said Metropolitan Transit Authority (Amet) director FrenerBello.

He said the figure is in the Pan AmericanHealth Organization and the World Health Organization’s latest reports, andthank the public for supporting each of the Amet’s actions..

He said people should be aware that when itcomes to driving, they should think about pedestrians, "who are the mostvulnerable."

"We’re implementing road safetymeasures. We have identified vulnerable sites, where the most accidents haveoccurred and have caused more deaths and we have reinforced them with apermanence of Amet agents," the official said.

Bello, speaking at a mass at Police headquartersto mark World Traffic Accidents Victims Day, said the improvement also resultedfrom the team work, guidelines, planning and supervision, "which shows thattogether we can accomplish it."

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