Local November 25, 2016 | 12:25 pm

Procrastinating officials rush to file statement as deadline looms

Santo Domingo.- Government officials areconverging at the Accounts Chamber in the last few hours to submit theirfinancial statement, under president Medina’s threat to terminate those who fail do so by the November 30 deadline.

"The officials of the central governmentwho fail to comply in filing their sworn declaration of assets will be left outof the payroll on December 1," said the warning on the Presidency’s website.

But still as many as 4,700 governmentofficials had yet to file their statement by November 4 and were placed in the AccountsChamber’s "omissions" status.

In that regard, the UN Development Program consultantsOscar Díaz and José Francisco Nuberg said they expect the number of officials rushingto file their statement will increase, especially after Presidency chief ofstaff Gustavo Montalvo "hinted" that the salaries of those who failto comply with Medina’s order will be withheld.

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