Local November 28, 2016 | 1:02 pm

Swollen rivers kill 5, 5 missing near Puerto Plata

Santo Domingo.- The Gualetico and Bajabonico riversand a stream in Puerto Plata swollen by Sunday’s downpours killed five peopleand five others are missing in the towns La Isabela and El Mamey (north), CivilDefense director Rafael De Luna said Monday.

He said the bodies of three people of afamily swept away by the Gran Diablo river in La Jaiba, Villa Isabela , wererecovered Sunday night and Monday morning by first responders, as well as thoseof two other people who tried to cross a canyon on a motorcycle.

Two of the victims drowned while trying tocross El Pinto canyon in El Mamey, after ignoring authorities’ warning of therisk.

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