Local November 29, 2016 | 11:34 am

Buffoonery 2.0 as mayor erects Eiffel Tower mockup

Santo Domingo.- The mayor of a major city doesn’tknow and seems not to care where the Eiffel Tower stands and which country itrepresents, but used taxpayer money to buy a 50-foor replica ‘to fill the townwith Christmas joy."

Santo Domingo Oeste mayor Francisco Peña had thecontroversial mockup placed within the city’s main plaza, at a cost RD$500,000.

Speaking Tuesday on the radio program El Solde la Mañana, the official also said he doesn’t know whether the behemoth representshis municipality. "I’m neither a historian nor an anthropologist."

He reiteratedhis intention to fill the plaza with lights and make the people happy during Christmas.

"I do not know if it’s the towerof France, Germany, Guayubin, we want to cheer the people at Christmas,"said the municipal executive, who said it was bought legally, adding that whenthe time comes, he’ll decide what to do with it after the holidays.

Previous buffoonery

During his previous tenure as Santo DomingoOeste mayor (2004 to 2008) Francisco Peña erected a giant photo of himself inthe same plaza, drawing widespread rebuke.

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