Local November 30, 2016 | 7:41 am

Facing termination, Dominican Republic officials rush to file statements

Santo Domingo.- Hundreds of DominicanRepublic officials from various agencies have been visiting the Chamber ofAccounts in the last few days to submit their financial statement, heeding presidentDanilo Medina’s warning that failing to do so by Nov. 30 meant termination on Dec. 1.

Law 311-14 obliges civil servants to declaretheir financial at the Accounts Chamber, where they arrive since early in the morning,many from the country’s interior, and are attended in a office by specialized personnel.

The watchdog agency has set up an area in thefirst floor of the building to receive all officials who seek to submit their statement;a notarized inventory of assets. The law obliges officials to submit it within30 days of assuming their post.

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