Local December 13, 2016 | 2:53 pm

US envoy in Dominican Republic gets Global Thinker award

Washington, D.C. – US Ambassador to DominicanRepublic, James W. Brewster, received the Global Thinker 2016 prize fromForeign Policy magazine in Washington, D.C., along with activist GLBT DeivisVentura.

The British magazine, Foreign Policy annuallybestows the award to 100 people around the world who have contributedsignificantly to global thinking.

In Foreign Policy’s words, "The top 100global thinkers of 2016 are emblematic of our innate desire to face pessimismrather than surrender to despair, defy ugliness rather than renounce and acceptfailure."

Upon receiving the award ambassador Brewstersaid, "My husband Bob Satawake and I could not be more proud of havingplayed a significant role in raising the human rights and inclusionconversation in the Dominican Republic over the last few years. PresidentObama’s vision in a number of areas, including Bob’s work on gender-basedviolence and the environment, our advocacy for stateless persons and people ofcolor, and the continuing struggle for transparency.¨

He added that the Dominican Republic "isanchored in our strong and ongoing business relationship and in the exceptionalrelationships among people that exist between our nations. We are grateful tothe Obama administration, the American people and the Dominican people forgiving us the opportunity of a lifetime."

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