Local January 12, 2017 | 8:58 am

Gang of deadly bank robbers hasn’t vanished: Human Rights

Santo Domingo.- National Human RightsCommission president Manuel María Mercedes on Wednesday warned that despite JohnPercival’s death and Brayan Felix’s arrest, the gang which they both headed hasn’tbeen annihilated.

He warned the authorities against closing thecase and "resting on their laurels" because in his view, the gang has"very powerful tentacles" to continue operating as they’ve done.

Speaking on Off the Record channel 45, Mercedesdemanded that the authorities remain alert to prevent that group fromperpetrating more violent robberies.

"I think the authorities shouldn’t closethe case, or relax the vigilance, believing that these criminal actions aren’tgoing to continue, perhaps not with the same characteristics, but the country’scriminality has reached bottom."

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