Local January 12, 2017 | 3:04 pm

National Business Council inaugurates new leadership

SD. With the presence of numerouspersonalities from the government and private sector, the National BusinessCouncil (CONEP) Wednesday night inaugurated its new board of directors for the 2017-2019period.

"Our country needs to solve once and forall the core problems that affect us and have been affecting us for decades,our electrical system, the reorganization of freight and passenger transport andfiscal balance are some examples," said in his speech Pedro Brache who willhead the new management.

New directors

Accompanying Brache will be Camposde Moya, Lina García de Blasco, Roberto Herrera, Leonardo Matos, MarisolVicens, Rafael del Toro and Antonio Ramos, Haydee Raineiri, Amelia ViciniLluberes, Samuel Conde and Oscar Peña Chacón

Also, Máximo Vidal, Laura PeñaIzquierdo, Carlos José Martí, José Tomas Contreras, Juan Vicini Lluberes, CelsoJuan Marranzini, Franklin León, Julio Llibre, José Manuel Vicente, TeddyHeinsen and Isaachart Burgos.

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