Local January 13, 2017 | 8:29 am

Dominican Republic on paper trail of US$92M Odebrecht bribes

Santo Domingo.-The information revealedduring the more than 13 hours of interrogation of Ángel Rondón, Odebrecht localcommercial representative, didn’t convince Justice minister Jean Rodríguez, whogave him a three day deadline to produce the documents on the paper trail ofthe money to pay the bribes.

Among the documents which the officialdemanded of Rondón figure the contracts which justify the US$92 million he confessedto receiving, in addition to the proof of the payments and the bank accounts inwhich they were deposited.

Rodriguez said although Rondón admitted underinterrogation having received the money, he claimed it was to pay for hisservices as the Brazilian company’s representative.

The prosecutor said however that Odebrecht hasalready stated in court documents that the money was delivered to pay bribes, whichprompted the investigation. "We will get to the truth, whoever falls, whethera minister, a former minister or a director, regardless of party or government,we have no flag, because our flag is justice."

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