Local January 20, 2017 | 11:25 am

Natural gas unchanged, all other fuel prices fall

Santo Domingo.- The Industry and Commerce Ministry on Friday postedthe fuel prices for the week from January 21 to 27, when premium gasoline willcost RD$212.30, regular gasoline will cost RD$196.70 and regular diesel willRD$151.00, or RD$1.00 lower per gallon on all three.

Optimum diesel will cost RD$164.60, or RD$2.00lower; while avtur will cost RD$113.90, kerosene will cost RD$139.00 and fueloil will cost RD$95.80, RD$1.00 lower per gallon in each case.

Propane gas will cost RD$103.60 per gallon, orRD$1.00 less, while natural gas remains unchanged at RD$25.26 per cubic meter,maintaining its price.

The Dominican Republic Central Bank’s posted averageexchange rate of RD$46.81per dollar was used to calculate all fuel prices.

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