Local January 31, 2017 | 3:49 pm

Conclave aims to develop Dominican port and maritime sector

Santo Domingo.- Government officials, privatesector representatives and delegates from international organizations will begina two-day meeting in the capital Wednesday to draft a plan to develop DominicanRepublic’s port and maritime sector.

The discussions are part of the DominicanPort Authority’s (Apordom) dialogue toward a National Maritime and PortStrategy with a long-term proposals to establish duediligence to develop and incorporate relevant changes outlined in the newinternational standards.

"all the actors of the sector have been calledto this Dialogue in order to conclude a strategy that establishes theobjectives and guidelines for the transformation and adaptation of the port andmaritime sector to the requirements and changes that demand both internationaltrade and environmental norms and regulations, which also influence thecommunities where the sector operates and develop. " said Apordom directorVíctor Gómez.

The activity will be inaugurated 9am Wednesdayat the Foreign Ministry while work sessions will be held at the Sylver Hilton Hotelin the capital.

Gómez said during the talks Organization ofAmerican States port and maritime affairs technicians and specialists othercountries and international organizations will examine, discuss and agree"democratically and in a participatory manner the key issues that willgive rise to the guidelines that will foster a more modern, dynamic, efficient,socially responsible and environmentally friendly maritime and port system."

The official said several groups will discussissues on the Legal and Regulatory Framework, Maritime and Port Human TalentManagement, Maritime and Port Infrastructure and Maritime and Port Technology, PortSecurity among other topics.

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