Local February 7, 2017 | 10:11 am

Main problems: crime, unemployment and inflation-Poll

Santo Domingo.- Crime in general (74.1%), the lack of job opportunities (38.7%) and the inflation rate (38.14%) are the three leading problems that affect people living in the Dominican Republic, according to the most recent Gallup-HOY poll.

According to the perceptions of those surveyed, these problems are more serious than other ills like administrative corruption and impunity, power cuts, drug trafficking, decaying public services and domestic violence.

Meanwhile, 76.4% of the population describe the national economy as very bad, barely 7% describe it as very good, and 15.9% say it is not too bad. Likewise, 51.2% of people describe their own economic situation as poor, while 32.4% say it is not too bad and 16% say it is positive. A large majority (73.9%) believes that the country is on the wrong track, while barely 21.8% believe that things are going well for the country.

Regarding the future, 48% expect the economic situation to have worsened by the end of this government’s term of office, while 23.4% say it will be the same, and 21.2% expect it to be in better shape.

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