Local February 21, 2017 | 3:35 pm

Ex VP admits Dominican ruling party is weak on corruption

Santo Domingo.- Former vice president RafaelAlburquerque on Tuesday admitted today that Dominican Republic’s ruling party(PLD) has been weak in combating corruption in some cases.

The member of the PLD’s highest echelon, thePolitical Committee, said this organization was formed by a man (the late JuanBosch) who left him a legacy of decency, honorability and seriousness that mustbe preserved, "or else theyll take us out of power."

"We have to defend that legacy ofmorality, seriousness and honesty, I think we’ve often been weak, if you will,but what I have always warned is that unfortunately we try to conditionjustice, and create a state of perception. There is a kind of media hit squadto say so-and-so is guilty and since they are guilty should immediately bepunished, he said.

Speaking on Hoy Mismo Channel 9, Alburquerque said the entire government orthe President shouldn’t be blamed just because a particular official is corrupt.

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