Local February 21, 2017 | 8:04 am

Watchdog demands probe into government officials’ sudden wealth

Santo Domingo.- The civic movement CitizenParticipation (PC) on Monday demanded that the Accounts Chamber investigategovernment officials who in recent years increased their millions in assets atlevels of concern, to determine their legality.

PC executive director Rosalía Sosa said thegovernment officials who are entrepreneurs should leave the public function,because the law bars them from taking part in commercial activities, and notesthat they can earn extra income only through teaching.

A study by the Dominican Development StudiesProgram (PED), affiliated to PUCMM University, found that in four years theassets of Presidency Administrative minister José Ramón Peralta climbed RD$80.2million, while those of Chamber of Deputies president Lucia Medina rose by RD$69.9million in 14 years.

Quoted by hoy.com.do, Sosa said the study’s resultspose a challenge for the Accounts Chamber, which has to cross-check to determineif the additional assets are legal, "and analyze the incompatibles of thatpublic servant, because there are public functions that cannot exert thebusiness activity."

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