Local March 16, 2017 | 4:38 pm

Dominican deputies in NY abandon compatriots ‘to their fate’

New York.- The Dominican deputies in New York have abandoned the compatriot immigrants they represent to their fate, not even voicing a simple demand to respect their human and migratory rights, the minority party Al-País affirmed Thursday.

Al-Pais US coordinator Luis Mayobanex Rodríguez said the Dominican immigrants are of little value to deputies Rubén Luna, Alfredo Rodríguez and Francisco Morel of the ruling PLD) and the opposition PRM parties “because for them they are objects of their perverse political actions, never citizens endowed with rights proper to their condition.”

“These so-called deputies haven’t taken any action of resistance and education as simple as setting up a community orientation forum. They seem not to realize that even the Dominicans “with paper”, as the legal residents are commonly call, feel insecure with the onslaught of an administration that violates its own Constitution as if it were a child’s game,” he said.

“Their disconnect, that of lawmakers, with Dominicans is such that they’re unable to promote and support the pro-immigrant work that dozens of organizations do in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Providence, including multiple nonprofit organizations that provide services in the community that they are supposed to “represent,” the political leader said.

Rodríguez announced the “Community Forum on Immigrant Rights” to discuss president Donald Trump’s new executive orders, at 3pm Sunday in Upper Manhattan’s Juan Pablo Duarte School, 182nd St.-Wadsworth Av.

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