Local April 3, 2017 | 5:07 pm

No jail in Odebrecht US$92.0M bribe, as people hope: bishop

Santo Domingo.- Santo Domingo Metropolitan archbishop Francisco Ozoria on Sunday said he doesn’t believe that anybody will be jailed for Odebrecht’s US$92.0 million bribe, as people hope and are asking.

“We don’t even think that there will be anyone imprisoned for this corruption, and that’s what is regrettable in our country and the judicial system,” the prelate said,.

Interviewed on Telefuturo, Ozoria stressed that a person who steals a goat or bananas is easily convicted and the one who steals from the people remains the same and continues in their posts.

He blames that situation to the fact that those guilty of committing those crimes aren’t punished with the penalty they deserve and if they go to prisons easily leave there.

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