Local April 17, 2017 | 12:43 pm

Ruling party deputy supports the Green March

Tulio Jiménez

Santo Domingo.- Ruling party (PLD) deputy Tulio Jimenez on Sunday said he supports the grassroots “Green March” movement, because in his view taxpayers’ money belong to the people and no politician has the right to steal them.

“I support these mobilizations100 percent, as long as they arenot politicized,” said the lawmaker for Santo Domingo Este, quoted by hoy.com.do.

He said movements like those are important to oversee governments, government officials, whether a senator, deputy or any minister who wants to play with state funds.

Referring to the Odebrecht case, Jimenez said Justice minister Jean A. Rodriguez “could marry with glory” if he could prosecute those who took that company’s bribes.

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