Local April 19, 2017 | 8:16 pm

Odebrecht plea deal ‘puts those who took bribes closer to incarceration’

Courtroom at Ciudad Nueva, guards were posted. Photo elnuevodiairo.com.do

Santo Domingo.-  Justice minister Jean A. Rodriguez on Wed. said that the Odebrecht plea deal “puts those who accepted bribes closer to incarceration.”

More information as available…

A National District judge on Wednesday approved the Justice Ministry’s plea bargaining agreement with Odebrecht, which will have to pay US$184.0 million in damages for admittedly bribing Dominican government officials with US$92.0 million.

3rd Instruction Court judge Danilo Quevedo handed down the ruling in a hearing behind closed doors and the media were barred from entering.

Odebrecht’s lawyer Robert Valdez said the court did a proper administration of justice. “The court has done a correct administration of justice, remember however that the criterion of opportunity was authorized to the Justice Minister” (Jean A. Rodriquez).

Lead prosecutor Laura Guerrero declined comment upon leaving the hearing, noting that it’s up to Rodriguez to provide details

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