Local April 19, 2017 | 11:40 am

Odebrecht ‘didn’t’ finance Medina’s campaign for presidency

Joao Santana, Mónica Moura

Santo Domingo.- Mónica Moura, wife of Brazilian campaign strategist Joao Santana on Tuesday told federal judge Sergio Moro that the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht didn’t contribute to electoral campaigns in the Dominican Republic.

“Of all the campaigns we did abroad: Panama, Angola, Venezuela … Odebrecht contributed in all those. The only elections that never contributed, nor did any other Brazilian companies contribute, were the Dominican Republic, which had no Odebrecht money, and Argentina’s campaigns, which we did three or four and did not contribute at all,” said Moura, quoted by Brazilian daily Estadao..

And during the interrogation she later stressed: “In the Dominican Republic and Argentina, never, nothing.”

Santana and Moura worked for the electoral campaign of president Danilo Medina.

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