Local May 3, 2017 | 1:56 pm

Carjackers repent, return stolen SUV with a ‘sorry’

Carjacking in Naco

Santo Domingo.- In less than 24 hours the two men who stole a SUV from a woman in her residence’s carport in the upscale district of Naco, returned it with a note asking forgiveness, since according to them, they only wanted to “go for a joyride.”

According to Julio Peña, son of Sara Guzmán, the vehicle was left in front of the house with a note that reads “greetings, pardon us madam. I was obsessed with going for a ride, sorry, sorry, sorry. I sincerely ask forgiveness. Sorry, blessings. Christ loves you always.”

Peña said all of his mother’s properties were inside the SUV, and that the thieves took only the vehicle’s license plate.

Surveillance cameras recorded the two robbers as they carjacked Guzman’s SUV and was posted on social networks.

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