Local May 17, 2017 | 12:36 pm

Top official denies being part of ‘government mafia’ on imports

Leonardo Fañas

Santo Domingo.- Presidency Administrative minister José Ramón Peralta on Tuesday a retraction by the head of the opposition PRM party’s Agriculture front Leonardo Fañas, who accused the official of forming part of a “government mafia” in the import of beans.

Peralta warned Fañas of “legal actions” if he doesn’t retract within 48 hours.

“I am going to contact my lawyers to subpoena Mr. Leonardo Fañas, so that he can recant his statements within 48 hours or otherwise, the pertinent legal actions will be carried out.”

He said that he decided to respond upon learning of “the false and irresponsible accusations that were vented yesterday over my name and that of my family, during a public activity of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).”

He said the allegation comes at a time “when there is so much positive information about the government action,” which in his view the Dominican population deserves to be told.

“However, I understand that the time has come to put a stop, once and for all to those who are dedicated to launch baseless accusations with impunity,” he said, adding that he has remained out of the import business since August 2012.

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