Local May 18, 2017 | 2:20 pm

Ruling party co-founder’s son arrested in shakedown scheme

Valentin, Unidentified man, Pedro José Gutiérrez Nova

Santo Domingo.- Defense Ministry Intelligence agents on Wed. arrested Pedro José Gutierrez, son of Insurance Superintendent and ruling party (PLD) cofounder Euclides Gutierrez, on charges of posing as a Major General of the National Police to shakedown victims.

The impostor was arrested in a vehicle in a sector of Santo Domingo Norte along with 6 others wearing police uniforms. The agents seized two vehicles, a gun, several ID cards, caps, badges and bulletproof vests.

According to reports, the group also posed as National Police officers to shakedown motorists on the Samaná highway.

Also arrested were Manuel Fernandez, Edward Méndez, Francisco Javier De la Nieve, Faustina Valentin and Jose Aneudy Pichardo, all wearing Police garb.

Defense intelligence agents conducted several raids in various sectors of the capital and Greater Santo Domingo Wednesday afternoon, to apprehend others linked to the impostors.

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