Local May 23, 2017 | 10:42 am

Prominent bishop wants most severe penalty for Odebrecht bribe

Santo Domingo.-  Santiago archbishop emeritus Ramon Benito de la Rosa on Monday said he expects that the people linked to the Odebrecht bribe case will face the most severe penalty under Dominican laws.

He noted that although he doesn’t know what sanctions such persons might receive, justice should act equitably, without excluding those who took bribes. “They should receive the penalty that Dominican laws establish, but we also consider that it would be good that those who are indicated as guilty recognize their errors before society.”

The prelate said there’s no doubt there should be exemplary penalties it for those people because their crime was against the country, by receiving money from bribes for personal gain to harm the country.  “All those who’ve been proven to have received bribes from that foreign company, their name must be made public and they, the culprits, ask forgiveness of society for that grave error.”

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