Local June 16, 2017 | 7:21 pm

Country joins system to cut back CO2 in aviation

Fang Liu, Luis Ernesto Camilo

Montreal.-  Dominican Civil Aviation Board (JAC) president Luis Ernesto Camilo on Friday announced that the country joined the Carbon Reduction and Compensation System for International Aviation (CORSIA), forming part of the first group of nations that voluntarily accept the global initiative.

During a visit to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) headquarters, Camilo said that joining that program again places Dominican Republic at the forefront of world aviation.

ICAO general secretary Fang Liu congratulated the Dominican Government and JAC for supporting the high impact project for the environmental health of the member states, “since it makes it possible to compensate those countries which because of the nature and quantity of their operations receive more CO2 in their atmosphere than they emit.”

The CORSIA system, in accordance with ICAO General Assembly resolution A39-3, establishes a broader set of measures to achieve the overall objective of neutral carbon growth as of 2020 and address any annual increase in emissions of international civil aviation, taking into account special circumstances and respective capacities.

Prior to that meeting, Camilo met with Canada Air Transport director Boubacar Djibo, and deputy Director General for the Environment, Jane Hupe, to exchange information on ongoing projects.

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