Local June 19, 2017 | 11:51 am

Panic as 41 more officials are ‘linked’ to Odebrecht

Santo Domingo.-  Panic could strike those who figure in a new list of 41 officials linked to Odebrecht’s admitted bribes of US$92.0 million and whose names were released “in a narrow ring of power,” to order the Justice Ministry to enter the second phase of the investigation and continue with more arrests.

It’s like saying “either we all play or we cut the deck,” reports elnuevodiario.com.do, on the alleged list that “involves many” and that if not released in the Dominican Republic, will be done so abroad.

The “emerging list” has prominent officials “running for the hills” and are holding meetings to “sort out” what to do about what could link their names to the Odebrecht case.

The situation has prompted the “rapid” elaboration of new files related to the bribes case, for possible searches and seizures by the Office of the Prosecutor, which could lead to arrests at any moment.

In jail

Thus far most of the 14 indicted in the case either hold a or have held a government post.

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