Local July 5, 2017 | 12:14 pm

Dominican Republic entities join to tackle climate change

Santo Domingo.- The National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism (CNCCMDL), the Foundacion Popular and the National Business for the Environmental Support and Protection Network (EcoRED) on Tuesday agreed to coordinate actions to tackle climate change.

This public-private partnership “Articulation of Tables of the Business Sector for Climate Action aims to discuss and coordinate efforts to reach agreements and define work plans with companies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in their respective production lines.

CNCCMDL Executive Vice-President Ernesto Reyna said the actions must related to the National Development Strategy, the National Policy on Climate Change, the Presidential Goals and the Determined National Contribution,” .

He said that this action is part of the CNCCMDL’s efforts on climate change as overseer agency to articulate climate-friendly actions, with the support the ministries of the Environment and of Economy.

He thanked the Foundacion Popular and EcoRED for supporting the initiative to be monitor, evaluate and subsequently replicated in other companies nationwide.

In that regard, Environment minister Francisco Domínguez stressed the initiative’s importance, to work to reduce the vulnerability of Hispaniola island, and especially to help Haiti. He praised the public and private sector for establishing alliances to strengthen environmental development.

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