Local July 19, 2017 | 7:45 pm

Blame the blackout on distributors, power companies say

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Electricity Industry Association (ADIE), vice president Manuel Cabral said Wed. that the extensive blackouts in the last weeks in Greater Santo Domingo aren’t for lack of energy, “because  output surpasses demand by 13%.”

He said blackouts could be zero since there’s enough energy to supply the population, according to data from January to April.

The ADIE report blames the management by electricity distributors (Edes) for the long blackouts that the consumers have withstand. “In the January-April period the accumulated total of available energy reached 5,268.15 gigawatts, while the demand supplied closed at 4,670.46 gigawatts,” for a surplus of 597.7 gigas.

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