Local July 29, 2017 | 3:17 pm

Dominican Republic president ‘donates’ houses to military

Ivan Jose de Jesus gets keys to house 'donated' by the President., from Defense minister Ruben D. Paulino.

Santo Domingo.-  In yet another serving of populism president Danilo Medina on Friday ‘donated’ homes to members of the Armed Forces, during a ceremony which the government website gushed as “a collective jubilation.”

“A collective jubilation was lived in the Ministry of Defense with the raffle of 298 houses and apartments to military personnel. It is a promise fulfilled by president Danilo Medina to the subordinates and enlistees,” says the website presidencia.gob.do.

It goes on to describe the reaction of the first member of the military to receive their title, “who didn’t get out the words. Visibly excited, he was applauded by all his companions who also shared his joy.”

The “raffle” and luncheon held in the Defense Ministry’s main salon also celebrated Dominican Fathers’ Day.

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