Local August 10, 2017 | 2:02 pm

Green March rallies at Dominican central town this Sunday

Bonao, Dominican Republic.- The leader Marcos Vargas announced Wednesday that the Green March will walk the city’s main streets from 10am Sunday, to demand construction of the various works which the government promised in the last elections.

Among the demands figure the whereabouts of RD$1.6 billion (US$33.3 million), received by the Bonao Development Council and a baseball stadium, and to resolve the horrendous murder of the pregnant young woman, Thalia Rosario, on October last year.

Vargas said government corruption and impunity that has reigned over the country must come to an end.


The community leader predicts that thousands of people from Bonao will accompany the Green March to the corner of Aniana Vargas and Duarte avenues, “in a massive demonstration against corruption , Impunity and the abuses committed by the government against the population.”

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