Local August 24, 2017 | 12:28 pm

‘Tours’ in Haiti bring women to give birth in Dominican hospitals

Santo Domingo.- National Health Service director Nelson Rodríguez on Wed. revealed  that there are tours organized in Haiti for Haitian women to give birth in Dominican hospitals.

Among the attractions the alleged tours offer are good quality health care at no cost in the Dominican Republic, and could even be able to remain residing in the country. “That mechanism of the mafia or cartel dedicated to that, charge women between five and 10,000 pesos to be transported to a hospital in the Dominican Republic.”

Rodriguez said it’s cheaper for the foreign women to give birth in the country than to do so in Haiti, since the service is free of charge in Dominican hospitals.

He said more Haitians than Dominicans give birth in hospitals in border provinces, noting that the increase in the number of pregnant Haitian women started six months ago. “It’s not possible that in the different checkpoints that exist in the southern part of the country that this can be done without complicity, that’s obvious.”

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