Local August 25, 2017 | 2:19 pm

Dominican Republic Greens march again; want US$62.5M ‘debt’ paid

Marcha Verde Cotuí,. Photo acento.com.do

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic grassroots movement Marcha Verde (Green March) in Sanchez Ramirez province (northeast) called on the region’s citizens to take part in the protest in Cotuí next Sunday to demand the end of impunity and concrete solutions to its main problems.

“Impunity is what keeps our province in poverty. The government has forsaken us, but we will not continue to tolerate an absentee state, kidnapped by mafiosi who became enriched at the cost of our suffering, the group warned in a press conference Thursday in Independencia Park.

They reminded president Danilo Medina that his administration has yet to pay the over RD$3.0 billion (US$62.5 million) of income from the 5% of the miner Barrick Gold’s (Pueblo Viejo)  profits, as Law 64-00 stipulates.

“That money must be invested in works and projects intended to boost the development of the province and ensure the well-being of its inhabitants,” they said. “On the contrary, the residents of Sanchez Ramírez continue to face major deficiencies in access to fundamental rights necessary for a dignified life, such as access to water.”

“Despite having the country’s largest river, Yuna, and the West Indies’ biggest artificial lake, Hatillo dam, most communities in the province don’t have clean water to bathe, wash food and irrigate plantations, “said Green March member Tereso Arias, quoted by acento.com.do.

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