Local August 31, 2017 | 11:10 am

Medina taps new Police chief amid spate of crimes

Ney Aldrín de Jesús Bautista

Santo Domingo.- President  Danilo Medina on Wed. replaced National Police director Nelson Peguero, with Ney De Jesus Bautista, who said he will work hard and respect the citizens, but with energy.

Peguero’s removal comes in the heels of several major cases, including the murders of officers allegedly by a gang of ‘cop killers,’ four of which were killed in what the National Police describe as “exchange of gunfire.”

“I want us to work properly with energy, you have my support, and with your valor, we are going to move forward in this institution,” Batista said in a message to the police officers

Bautista, who until Tuesday was the director of Criminal Investigations (Dicrim), is considered a seasoned investigator.

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