Local September 4, 2017 | 6:06 pm

Another powerful party heads to oblivion

Aníbal García Duvergé. Photo elnuevodiario.com.do

Santo Domingo.- The once powerful Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) on Monday marked its path to political oblivion as the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) did a decade ago, both with a combined 36 years in power.

PRD national vice president-elect, Aníbal García Duvergé, asked organization president Miguel Vargas to resign, and allow a new leadership at the helm of the organization.

“The president has to resign because of the ugly participation that he had in the last process (2016 election), because the PRD rank-and-file who participated in the elections supporting the PRD were hoping to participate in the government, and because definitively the Foreign Minister (Vargas) is spokesman of the Government and not of the PRD,” said García.

He said his request stems from Vargas’ position as Foreign Minister, which prevents the PRD president from speaking out about the country’s many problems, including the hundreds of people murdered, especially youngsters, and corruption as well.

García said important national leaders have joined the project “Rescue the PRD” to make the necessary changes so the organization stops being “hinge party” and recover its essence as a party of the masses.

He said its’ regretted that the PRD took only 5% of the vote in 2016, and is concerned that some polls give it only 1 percent.

“Despite the large contributions made by the organization in the “shared government” pact signed with the PLD in the last process   in which Danilo Medina was reelected, most of the leaders of the organization are unemployed.

García called on the disgruntled PRD members to join the “Rescue the PRD” nationwide to win next year’s convention and make it a strong party as its historic leader José Francisco Peña Gómez dreamed.

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