Local September 28, 2017 | 3:50 pm

Odebrecht ‘bagman’ also charged in RD$15.0M ‘scam’

A. Rondon

Santo Domingo.- Several builders on Thursday filed a complaint against Odebrecht case suspect Angel Rondón and former canals and dams agency (Indrhi) director Frank Rodríguez for alleged scamming them out of RD$15.0 million.

The complaint, which includes alleged bribery, was filed at the Office of the Anticorruption Prosecutor.

The plaintiffs accuse the two of cheating them out of millions of pesos when the defendants obtained the government checks to pay for the contracted works, but kept half the money.

Rondón, known as the ‘bagman’ in the Odebrecht scandal, is accused of heading that company’s bribe network in the country, charges on which he was sent to jail, but was later placed under house arrest.

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