Local October 2, 2017 | 2:10 pm

Landfill shakeup as trash piles up in Santo Domingo streets

Santo Domingo.- The Environment and Public Health ministries have taken control of the Duquesa landfill, as trash piles up in the streets of Dominican Republic’s Greater Santo Domingo.

The line of trucks waiting as long as 16 hours to dump trash at the landfill is nearly gone, on which Environment Ministry official Francisco Flores affirmed that it only takes 30 minutes now. “This ensures up to 25 trucks per hour, for an estimated 300 per day.”

He said the shorter delay helps maintain a cleaner city. “The situation has improved dramatically, we expect it to continue, as long as the rain allows. We have the equipment needed to speed up the deposits, there are 4 bulldozers and a backhoe to mobilize the waste and we are working 24 hours every day.”

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