Local October 11, 2017 | 11:53 am

Odebrecht cured of corruption cancer: executive


Santo Domingo.- Like a cancer patient who has undergone a difficult situation and is now physically and morally weakened, after numerous processes to rid itself of the disease, is the analogy by Michael F. Munro, a senior executive of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, on his company’s current status.

“That’s what I think Odebrecht is today. But I am convinced that the cancer is gone, that we are not paying bribes and that all the malignant cells have been eliminated. We are cured of the cancer of corruption. I know. And I would not be sitting here in front of you if I didn’t firmly believe in this,” Munro told Listin Diario editor-in-chief, Miguel Franjul.

Munro, whose experienced in treating companies sickened by corruption, said despite that from the outside the company seems ill, the cancer is gone. “What we have to do now is rehabilitate ourselves, listen to the doctors and that’s what we’re doing.”

He added that the most palpable evidence that the company is cured is that, even amid the recovery process, it has decided to face it, through the press, “to improve its perception.”

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