Local October 17, 2017 | 12:17 pm

Lawyer’s murder: Prosecutor to investigate ’embezzlement’

omsa bus breaks down for lack of funds for maintenance, while the bosses pocket the money

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry on Mon. announced an investigation into alleged embezzlement by former Metropolitan Bus Services Office (OMSA) director Manuel Antonio Rivas.

Jean Rodriguez said that Santo Domingo province prosecutor, Olga Diná will conduct a parallel investigation into the murder of lawyer and university professor, Yuniol Ramírez.

He also announced an investigation of OMSA financial director, Faustino Rosario, former OMSA assistant director, Argenis Contreras who is on the run, and José Antonio Mercado Blanco (El Grande).

The investigation will also include businessman Eddy Rafael Santana Zorrilla, who had been allegedly instructed by Rivas to intercede with Ramirez, to pay him in exchange for not revealing the acts of corruption.

According to the Justice Ministry, it would have been agreed to pay as payment for the alleged extortion RD$4.0 million, of which an advance of one million pesos in cash was reportedly delivered to Ramirez in person.

On Mon. the Justice Ministry requested one year pretrial  detention against Rivas, Santana and Rosario.

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