Local October 18, 2017 | 11:55 am

Dominican Republic Greens ‘won’t be led by thieves and killers

Santo Domingo.- The Green March on Tues. called on all citizens to participate in the Green Day next Sunday, to rebuke the “impunity of criminals and assassins in the administrations of public institutions, and to demand progress in the criminal prosecution of those involved in the Odebrecht case.”

The grassroots movement invites the entire population to wear clothing, a flag, tie or green accessory, and join the peaceful and familiar demonstrations that will be taking place in parks and squares across the country.

In the “green day” its activists will also take to the streets to demand the end of impunity and explain to the population, especially young people, how corruption and impunity affect society and keep it under poverty and backwardness.

“We’re going to dress, identify our vehicles, our houses and our hearts with the green color, because we don’t want to continue being led by thieves and thugs. We will dress the country green to make it clear that we don’t give up, we don’t get tired, we won’t stop until the thieves of OMSA, Odebrecht, Los Tres Brazos, Tucanos, Punta Catalina, CEA, OISOE and other agencies are in jail and not in government, television or in electoral campaigns,” the Green March said in a press conference.

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