Local October 30, 2017 | 6:41 pm

Chicken can still be eaten despite bird flu outbreak: Public Health

Santo Domingo.- The Public Health Ministry affirmed Monday that people can continue consuming chicken meat and chicken eggs, after confirming an outbreak bird flu (virus subtype H5N2) in a chicken farm in Espaillat province (north).

In a statement Public Health said its advice is in keeping with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. “This virus is classified as low capacity to produce disease in humans, but we reiterate the call to cook food well.”

“There is no data that indicates that the avian flu virus and other influenza viruses can affect people,” the UN international health authority unit says in its reports.

Public Health’s statement comes after confirming the virus outbreak in a laying hen, and classified with a low capacity to cause disease in humans.

“The challenge for the health authorities and producers is to maintain control of the avian disease with the application of specific prevention measures in people who are directly related to the breeding of birds.”

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