Economy November 13, 2017 | 1:33 pm

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Big business wants Law on political parties passed now


Santo Domingo.- The stalled Political Parties and Groups Law has spurred the National Business Council (CONEP) to urge the political leadership to approve the initiative in the current legislature and would be in effect for in the 2020 elections.

CONEP president Pedro Brache said the issue of financing is essential to take into account in the proposed legislation, to definitively eradicate the possibility that illicit funding would permeate political activity.

He also proposed mixed funding with public and private contributions, to establish transparency and contribution ceilings and conditions for access.

“The political parties are the basis for the stability of our democratic system and have a great impact on economic and social development. That is why we again appeal to the responsible leadership and to the different political actors so that we materialize as soon as possible the promulgation of this regulation, which must be in accordance with the demands of these times,” Bache said.

The CONEP hosted the “Law Forum on Political Parties and Groups” last June, to analyze the key points which in its view must be taken into account to ensure a piece of legislation that includes effective accountability and transparency in the use and mobilization of funds.

It noted that the bill has been debated for more than 14 years and should be approved in time for electoral activities to be adapted to the new provisions that would be applied in the upcoming elections.

The CONEP reiterated its willingness to work with all sectors to bolster institutions, and promote all the reforms and laws necessary to strengthen the democratic system and guarantee the exercise of citizens’ rights.

The lack of consensus has stalled debates over the bill in Congress, and was left on the table by a bicameral commission.

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