Local November 22, 2017 | 6:55 pm

Lawmakers beware of union of same-sex couples: writer

Photo credit: glaad.org

Santo Domingo.- Spanish writer and journalist César Vidal on Wed. urged Dominican lawmakers to be vigilant and fight against the union of same-sex couples, which in his view is promoted by groups of NGOs, as well as the media and governments.

He said practice, which he called harmful to society, is promoted under the “gender ideology” which he affirms defends the union between people of the same sex, alleging that everyone is owner of their life and body. “I ask you, honorable legislators, to be alert to this ideology that aims to continue to impose also using legislations.”

Vidal complained about the support that transsexuals receive from certain sectors, such as transnational television networks.

The lecturer spoke in a conference on gender ideology, hosted by the religious organization Acción Cristiana RD, at the Hotel Catalonia, in the capital.

Present at the event were Chamber of Deputies president, Rubén Maldonado, Women Minister, Janet Camilo, minority PRM party deputy, Alfredo Pacheco, and Acción Cristiana president, José Antonio Flaquer, who urged the population not to allow that culture to prevail in the country.

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