Local December 6, 2017 | 7:12 pm

Environment hands out National Cleaner Production prizes

F. Dominguez, AES president Edwin De Los Santos

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry on Wed. held its fourth annual National Cleaner Production Prize, which recognizes companies and institutions that implement actions to streamline the use of natural resources, while reducing negative impacts on the environment with which they’ll bolster their competitiveness.

“If we analyze the industry in a general sense, we also experience growth. The Dominican Republic has commitments to climate change, it has duties but it cannot halt growth, it cannot stop the generation of wealth,” Environment minister Francisco Dominguez said in a statement.

“That’s precisely the balance that we have to look for; without stopping our growth and consequently the quality of life of the Dominicans; without halting progress and development; create the conditions to fulfill our commitments and above all defend the environment,” the official said.

“And that’s why you are the leaders of this process, that’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re celebrating this award. It’s you who can allow us to carry out what is sustainable development,” said Dominguez.

In addition to of the award, the cement maker DOMICEN and the power company AES-ANDRES were recognized for implementing technology that leads to production with a lower % of CO2 concentration.

Meanwhile the company Agro Products Copellito won the Cleaner Production Award in category Excellence for Water P + L; and Banco Popular Dominicano in Excellence in Renewable Energy P & L.

In Excellence of P + L of materials Pinturas Popular S.A; Domicem in Excellence in Energy P & L and the Ocean Blue and Sand Hotel, in Excellence of P + L of SGA. Also the mention in Water P + L to the company Induveca S.A.

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