Local December 12, 2017 | 2:51 pm

Defense Ministry fires ‘cocaine colonels’ in 500K haul

R. Paulino, police director Ney Bautista.

Santo Domingo.- Two colonels, one of the Air Force and the other of the Army, a 1st Lt. of the Police and a military contractor were terminated on charges of dereliction of duty at La Romana Airport.

The group is charged with shutting down airport controls to let a small plane land with reportedly 500 kilos of drugs two weeks ago.

In a Tues. morning press conference, Defense minister Rubén Paulino said the decision was made on recommendations of investigators in the case.

Discharged to face charges: Air Force Col. Domingo Figuereo Heredia, head of security at La Romana Airport; Army Col. Robert Antonio Ramírez, head of Antinarcotics at that terminal; Police 1st Lt. Andrés Lorenzo Castillo, and military contractor Enmanuel Cruz Espinal.

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